Bourbon Street – NoLa


Untitled (Bourbon Street, New Orleans, October 2015) copyright 2015 Douglas Stockdale

We attended a destination wedding in New Orleans, aka NoLa or The Big Easy, this past weekend. Our hotel was a couple of blocks off Bourbon Street, thus required a prerequisite evening walk-about. This is my version of what my experience of this place was like. As a friend stated, the longer you drink (yes, open containers as you cruise this entire area is absolutely okay) and crawl down this street at night, the fuzzier your vision and memory becomes.

My initial development of this photograph had placed the high lights up too bright. This is a typical exposure problem with most auto cameras for this type of high contrast lighting; the camera attempts to provide an average gray exposure, thus with the black night and bright lights, the high lights get blown out.

Bourbon street is a very festive place but with a darker undertone and a bit of a dinginess to it. Not as clean as the neon brightness you find in Las Vegas.



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