Friday Night Lights


Untitled (Zachary, San Clemente, October 2015) copyright 2015 Douglas Stockdale

Earlier I had posted about using my Canon XTi camera in conjunction the 70-200L f/4 lens for photographs of Zach playing flag football at night. I did not have my tripod with me, but I knew from prior experience that for hand holding exposures at night, even under some good field lights, I was not going to obtain sharp photographs. So when working with lemons, make lemonade!

I have a lot of experience with camera panning to capture the action under similar conditions which I think I put to some good use. Not a normal static football pose, but rather a dynamic clash of the titans. In this case, Zach was playing defense and I captured him in the midst of taking the opposing player off his feet.

For me, the resulting photograph borders on pure color abstraction, but retains enough content to provide sufficient context in conjunction with the caption. Nice, I’ll print this one for Zach.

Another night football game is fast approaching, so next time I will bring a slightly different combination; I will mount this same lens on my Canon 5DMk3 to see if the wider dynamic range will provide some more options. I am also going to bring my tripod, but keep the legs together similar and attempt to use it as if it was a mono-pod.


Btw, a technical note for those who are interested; 1/10th of a second, ISO 400 and aperture of f/4.0.


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