Santa Fe (Brian Finke creative exercise)


Santa Fe, Berger Street, 2016 copyright Douglas Stockdale

I was intrigued with one photograph I made of the gate into the courtyard at our rental house in Santa Fe. It reminded me of what a portal might appear like, which in this case could be a potential portal into the past. To enhance that potential visual metaphor, I tweaked the image with some of the Snapseed effects.

I think that this photograph relates to one of creative photographic idea generators found in The Photographer’s Playbook as explained by Brian Finke; Trust the Gut (pg 108). The need to make photographs should come from one’s self, to channel your feelings into your work, whatever that might be, try to feel it fully and to trust that it will show up in your photographs.

Finke’s exercise maybe as close as anyone’s in The Photographer’s Playbook that approaches my idea of Experiment-fun as to playing with a camera just to see what might happen. Then trust your gut that the resulting photographs are channeling your feelings.


2 thoughts on “Santa Fe (Brian Finke creative exercise)

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  1. This particular image has a wonderful mystery to it — anything could be behind that gate … but the warm colors that are behind the stern bluish gate make the viewer very optimistic … congrats! More, more!!! I just ordered that book, based on the recommendations and evidence above!

  2. The subject PORTAL is well defined, ominous and holds back an unknown or maybe part of a puzzle that is intriguing. I couldn’t agree more about THE PHOTOGRAPHER’S PLAYBOOK as an aid to breakout from conventional photographic practices. It is wonderful, full of ideas and designs for the artist who may be “stuck in the rut” and needs inspiration.

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