Rainy day puddle reflections


Rain Puddle, Rancho Santa Margarita, January* 2018 copyright Douglas Stockdale

Puddle reflections, like window reflections, can be fascinating. The viewer is both looking in as well as looking beyond, a bit of found surrealism. With window reflections, the overlaying image is usually behind the photographer, thus a interesting potential metaphor about the “past”. In this case, the the viewer is looking at the ground, but can still see into the heavens, a different kind of potential metaphor.

With some careful framing, as I tried to do with this image, it is possible to capture something just out of the frame that can modify the surrealism of the moment; in this case capturing part of the reflected trees in addition to the sky. So a bit more “grounding” of the image, as one would assume that the reflected tree was just out side of the frame.

Both window and puddle reflections are also potential cliche’s, done over and over again, so the challenge is to first determine what attributes I want to include and of course the bigger question; why. To be frank, for me, this was just part of the experience of my morning walk and I enjoy the potential metaphoric and surrealistic qualities, and hope others do as well.

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