Gardening For Ordnance – Text + Photo

001 G4O 02-06-18 park posting

Now that I have my Memory Pods photographs framed for the December group show at Fabrik Projects, I am back to working on my Gardening For Ordnance project again. As I have stated on numerous occasions, I enjoy working with a physical book-dummy, thus I need to print. With my new Canon printer, I feel like I am really back in business again.

First order of business was to print the missing photographs for the book-dummy (as result of the Epson printer going sideways) and pair these photographs for creating the page-spreads with the intended text. After the first couple of reviews of the resulting book-dummy I started noticing some repetition of images while studying the sequence of images flow. That resulted in another series of photograph adjustments to the book-dummy as I experimented with some alternative photographs. Okay, maybe I did “cheat” a little with a folder of jpeg images on my monitor to help study potential alternatives.

I am also intending to exhibit this body of work as diptychs; one part text (copy) that is paired with a photograph. When I posted my concept earlier this month, it was visually apparent to me that the these two elements did not appear to be paired, but perhaps a photo with a really big caption. So I had been thinking about including a black border to visually unify the diptych.

I think I have one potential layout option, above, with a black border around the pair that looks pretty decent. I suppose I could have a black border around the text as well, but at this time I want to keep it simple. When we get to the final book layout, depending on the publisher, we can tweak this layout design a bit more.

With the Canon printer, the exhibition diptychs will be 48″ wide x 24″ tall, which should look pretty good without a matte in a white shadow box frame. Having just printed a test image on a 13×19″ sheet I think my revised concept is looking pretty good. One diptych completed and at least forty more to go.


Featured photograph, above: O’Neill Park warning sign, Gardening For Ordnance, copyright 2019 Douglas Stockdale

Exhibition: Holiday Group Show, Fabrik Projects, December 4, 2019 thru January 4th, 2020


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