Book workshop with Medium – March 2020

2017 Guide_book-dummy_5384_72-1080px

I am very happy to announce my next Developing a Creative Book workshop with Medium Photo for March, 19-22, 2020. The slight change for the workshop is with all of the great feedback from those who have attended is a consensus that two days was just toooo intense for the material we needed to cover. Thus for 2020, we are expanding this workshop to occur over four consecutive days. Cool! Yes, the two days became pretty stressful for me as well, as there is a lot of information to cover.

And I know just how to use the extra time! Most of which will be spent on extended editing, sequencing and fine tuning each person’s narrative.

The goal for each of my book workshops is that everyone leaves with an improved visualization of a book project. To learn to create a book dummy, the real first step to publishing an art book or monograph.

And for me, very importantly this is not a software driven class (no software or PowerPoint presentations of any kind, lots of hands-on stuff), this is a workshop about making a physical book dummy that provides the tactical feel for the book you are wishing to publish. Fun with scissors, tape and paste, oh my!

The workshop will occur in the North Park area of San Diego, a really warm place to spend your early spring, especially if you have just dug out of the winter snow and ice. (Okay, it might be raining a bit, but better that than snow flurries!)

We sold out this workshop last year and already sign-ups are occurring. Thus, if you are interested in developing a book, overwhelmed with what to do first and how to make sense of the pile of photographs, then check this Medium Photo workshop out.

Let me know if you have any questions, and as always, this will be intense, as well as a lot of fun.



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