Book Gifts for 2019 Holidays

07-29-19 Middle Ground_Fabrik Press box set_development_KI6A2233

For those who are looking for a nice last minute holiday gift, I have a few potential books for you to consider; a really great gift idea for someone special who really enjoy a small edition book object to read and treasure.

Good news: any of these books can be quickly arranged to be delivered (okay, perhaps here in the United States, as it might take a bit longer for elsewhere).


Middle Ground


An intriguing limited-edition artist book that investigates a rapidly vanishing iconic San Diego landscape, a project that is captured from an unusual perspective. This artist book is a hand-bound leporello (accordion) design book that can unfold to a length of twenty-one feet.

Book review of Middle Ground, here. Price for this signed and numbered artist book is $59.95 plus any taxes and shipping.


Middle Ground, Book + Print box set


This limited edition box set of the Middle Ground book is with a unique limited edition photographic print (the photograph is not included in the book) and book that is published by Fabrik Press and is available directly from Fabrik Projects gallery in Los Angeles via International Photobooks or contact Betsy Enzensberger, Gallery Manager, at 310-730-6074.

Price is $160.00 plus any taxes and shipping.


Bluewater Shore

Bluewarter Shore artist book

A semi-fictitious story, set in the late 1940’s, about the growing independence of women following the turmoil of WWII, as a group of young women undertake the adventures of a summer holiday trip to the shore. This limited-edition artist book is out of print with copies still available.

Book review of Bluewater Shore, here. Price for this signed and numbered artist book is $49.95 plus any taxes and shipping.



Ciociaria SOVRACOPERTA.indd

A wonderful book for someone who enjoys the urban landscape of central Italy, an area of Italy that is not well know, but where many Popes were born and vacationed. Many Italians still flock to this region during the summer holidays. The hard cover book is published by Edizioni Punctum, an artistic indie press located in Rome.

Book review of Ciociaria, here. Price for a signed book is $50.00 plus any taxes and shipping.


Ciociaria, book + print set (photograph: Morolo, Italy)


This limited edition book plus photograph set includes the Middle Ground book with a unique limited edition photographic print (the photograph is not included in the book), a book and print set that I self-published.

Price for the signed and numbered book and photograph set is $150.00 plus any taxes and shipping.


Guide to Self-Publishing an Indie Artist Book


A great gift book for someone who is seriously thinking about publishing an artist or photo book; this will take them through each of the steps to their publishing goals, whether with an established publisher or self-publishing. This how-to book is now out of print with a few copies remaining.

Book review of the Guide is, here. Price for a signed book is $19.95 plus any taxes and shipping.


Contact me with which book and quantity you would like to purchase ( and I will quickly respond with a PayPal invoice that will also allow you to use a credit card. Since my mode of operation is creating and publishing books, not as much about actually selling these, I really have not put in place a way for you to immediately buy from this post. Maybe next year…

Let me know if you have any questions,

Happy Holidays!

Also looking ahead: Developing a Creative Book workshop with Medium Photo, March, 19-22, 2020 in San Diego (workshop registration is now open & my 2019 book workshop did sell out…just saying)


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