Ciociaria limited edition book – Sold Out!


Cachi (Persimmons), Morolo, Italy, 2012 copyright Douglas Stockdale

I am very happy to announce that Cachi (Persimmons), Morolo, Italy, one of my two limited edition book + print sets for Ciociaria, is now sold out. Nice! I created the two Limited Edition Book + Print Sets shortly after the Ciociaria book was published by Edizioni Punctum. The sell out is a result of a holiday book sale in conjunction with a few gifts to family and friends. Very nice to bring this Edition to a close.

I will admit that I initially thought of the Ciociaria project as a progression of my artistic practice expanding on the earlier black & white urban photography for my Lest I Forget (In Passing) project to include color street photography. My publisher, Edizioni Punctum, thought so as well as the Ciociaria project is considered a topographical investigation (documentary?) of a small relatively unknown region of Italy. One clue that I should have taken more note of was the book review by Karen Jenkins for photo-eye magazine in which she discussed the lyrical qualities of the book’s photography. hmmmm.

Which takes me to the photograph that I selected for this limited edition book + print set; in Italy the fruit I photographed is called Cachi (sometimes pronounced Kaki) which I suspected at the time is what we called Persimmons in the U.S. It is very common to see a Cachi tree planted near many of the homes in this region of Italy. This photograph does not really document in any manner the small village of Morolo, tucked up in the foothills over looking the region of Ciociaria. So in this regard, the Cachi photograph fails as a street photograph, even if I took the photograph while standing on the edge of a lane that winds thru the Morolo village. Okay, perhaps a photograph that augments and provides another cultural hook for this project.

When the requests for this Book+ Print Set was described as they were wanting the “Persimmons” edition, it finally clicked for me. The real subject of this photograph was the Cachi fruit in late fall hanging on the tree, with hints of the urban landscape in the background.  This image is about the fondness of the Italians for this wonderful fruit. And I now understand that I did create a lyrical image in how I composed and framed my subject using my shallow depth of field process. And I have renamed this edition accordingly; Cachi (Persimmons), Morolo, Italy. Just in time as this edition has sold out!

Better late than never, eh?

I still have a few copies of the Ciociaria book for sale ($50.00 USD) as well as the Fiuggi book + print Edition ($150.00 USD), image below, and I also have larger size limited edition prints of Cachi (Persimmons), Morolo, Italy. Contact me if you are interested in more information.

And perhaps I need to rethink my title for the Fiuggi Edition as well? Hopefully before it too sells out. Suggestions?



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Fiuggi, Italy, copyright 2012 Douglas Stockdale

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