Diary; July 16th, 2020 – Memory Pods

04-20-20 KI6A6855-01

The fifth year of photographing my botanical subjects that comprise my Memory Pods series has somewhat drawn to an end. I now have another small collection of dried twigs and seed pods to play with later this year. The flowering/seeding cycle for my backyard plants starts sometime in March and ends towards the end of June when all of the seeds drop. Then a matter of using the pruning shears to collect the dried-up remains, which I keep a small collection that appears intriguing to draw from and mess around with when the muse strikes.

I will now continue working the images from this year’s “crop”, as this is an on-going creative evolution that will add more artwork to my expanding Memory Pods portfolio, such as this image, above. This image was captured in late March and the post-production version created sometime in April, placing emphasis on the extended flowering bloom detail.

I become motivated to explore potential alternatives with this series when I have an opportunity to exhibit this work and I am very excited to announce that such an event is starting to take form for early 2021. So there will be more Memory Pods updates when this exhibition gets finalized, which meanwhile has started me on a process of re-examining the photographs for this year.

I sort of became side-tracked with all of the pandemic crap going on as well as a new experimental/play project, and some pop-up exhibition opportunities of my existing Memory Pods series with LACP and my gallery, Fabrik Projects. That did result in some print sales, so nice distractions. Now back to work.

Cheers & stay safe,



My other exhibitions and workshops:

The Photographers Eye’s gallery exhibition, Living and Photographing in the Time of COVID-19group virtual exhibition that includes two of my diptychs from the series A Developing Crisis. This online exhibition is from May 8th through August 1st, 2020.

Medium Photo 2020 Workshop: Developing a Creative Book workshop that I will be leading, is now rescheduled for September 24 – 27th, 2020, a four-day extended weekend workshop in San Diego.


Featured artwork; Untitled #6855 (Memory Pods series), copyright 2020, Douglas Stockdale


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