Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse

Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse 2022 copyright Douglas Stockdale –

A temporary diversion from recent events is a celestial event tonight with the lunar eclipse of the moon, which is being called a Blood Moon this evening. This is my version from my back yard after wandering onto the park like area behind the house.

Always fascinating to me that the rotation of the earth makes this simple task at night difficult. Even with the short duration to capture this photograph can still blur the moon as well as any stars that shine through the early evening night.

I have a friend at our Photographers Exchange group who is par-excellence in these type of night time events mostly due to the astro-physics motor tracking device between his camera body and tripod. With a little bit of programing, the lens axis will move with the earth’s rotation and he can adjust it for wherever he is located. His night time photographs of the Milky Way are amazing. I believe he also participated in a night astronomy photography workshop that really sharpen his skills. I know that he and his wife headed out to the desert earlier this week to prepare for tonight.

My home is on the edge of the Angeles Forest here in Southern California, an area not known for many street lights, and yet, that small amount of ambient light can be problematic for starry events like tonight. So I am looking forward to what he will photograph tonight.

I hope you all had a chance to view this event as it transpired, it’s pretty cool.

Happy Earth Day. Every day.



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