SoCal Coastal June Gloom

San Clemente pier copyright 2022 Douglas Stockdale –

In Southern California we are transitioning from Gray-May to June-Gloom, a time when we have very overcast coastal conditions. Usually a big surprise for those who are visiting from someplace other than Southern California for their big vacation trip after the kids get out of school. Hint: it will be bright and wonderful on the beach usually in July thru September.

With the flat lighting and overcast conditions, it usually does not get much better than this for most of the day. Which is why going down to the beach to work on my Anthropogenic Crisis series is almost pointless; the seascape today does not look much different than anytime during the weeks before.

Nevertheless, it is still worth going down to San Clemente beach if for no other reason to spend some time walking the beach and the pier. A nice time to get some fresh air and a modest amount of exercise while watching the kids surf the pier break.

This photograph is a version of ‘street’ photograph, the generic term for photographing the urban landscape and related social interactions taking place in public. Likewise, it has that documentary style appearance, also known as straight photography, since it does not appear that is has manipulated very much other than being rendered in blacks and white. Its not that I seem to be very interested in street photography per se, but once in a while, I find that something resonates and I want experiment with it. Such as this day with the composition of the fog bank, structure of the forms of the building sitting above the beach, a few palms hovering above and the relatively empty pier.

The b&w conversion enabled me to delineate the fog bank sitting on the town much better than the color version and resonates with more of the overcast feeling for the day. This is a little bit different and a nice change of pace.

Cheers & make every day an Earth Day



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