Artistic Statements – Insomnia: Hotel Noir

Expressway Heights

Expressway Heights  (from the series Insomnia: Hotel Noir)

I am in the middle of a bunch of multi-tasking and I am afraid that I am not getting anything accomplished.  So I have decided to take first things first.  One of the first things is to follow up and complete the artistic statements for a number of my series that are in progress.  My book dummy for Bad Trip – Sad Trip will just have to wait.

Thus I just updated my artistic statement for Insomnia: Hotel Noir on my web site. I was pretty sure of what I wanted to accomplish with this series and I had started writing some notes to add to the artistic statement that I have posted.  Then I left the notes for this and the other series in the back of the seat of the plane when I landed in Shanghai earlier this month.

But I had spent the neccessary time to reconsider and reflect, thus I needed to make just a few adjustments to the my artistic statement, which was all that I needed to do. Now over the next couple of days, to write my intent for the series A Sideways Glance and Transitional Seam. I may also complete the statement for my project Ethereal Images as well, we’ll see. 

The nice thing about my going through this exercise is that I may have also discovered a way to tie together my earlier landscape work.  But that is on the creative burner to ponder a little longer;- )

BTW this image was made in Shanghai during this last trip, early in the evening.  My inital intent was to photograph the freeway, but when I saw the reflection of the inside of the room as well, it occured to me that this was a rather nice image for this series. Inside looking out at the inside.

Best regards, Doug

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