Atlanta, GA


Untitled (Atlanta, GA #5532) copyright 2013 Douglas Stockdale

One of the fascinating aspects to me of Industrial objects, where form will follow function, the resulting form will usually has a sophisticated elegance to it. Engineering design is concerned about utility, efficiency, ergonomics, functionality, usability, maintenance, user-interfaces and work flows, thus one of the traits of good engineering design are orderly lines and simplistic layouts. The resulting structures seem to to have an aesthetic quality to them, as might a sculpture. This is an aspect of my subjects that I am exploring.


Update: always interesting to post a photograph and then be able to look at it with a little more distance. In this case, I realized that 1.) I did not get the color contrast as I intended, 2.) I was not consistent with the centering of the subject and 3.) and the word JETS in the background edge was not helping with the intended ambiguity. Which in this case, I had chosen the tall structure as I had in other photographs of this similar technology. Thus a curve tweak with a cropping do-over, but I decided to leave the first version of this photograph, below, on this post to help illustrate a point about project editing. It’s a constant! :- D



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