Memory pods


Untitled (Rancho Santa Margarita, CA May 2014) copyright 2014 Douglas Stockdale

The power of suggestion! I never know where an idea may come from. Sometimes, such as this case, while contemplating and writing about one thing  the next morning I am greeted with an inspirational idea.

Yesterday, while writing about the Lomo Camera FX app, I had stated that the Lomo mode had essentially a greenish and ghastly (okay I actually wrote ghoulish) appearance best suited for Halloween. This morning,yesterday’s thought was translated that the Lomo mode might be best for photographing dead things, or things that appeared that were dying.

Which somehow seemed to resonate with my on-going series of projects investigating memory and its preservation. Seed pods are essentially memory pods. The flower has bloomed and was now a thing of the past. The bloom, once vibrant, was now in a state of change. All that remained of a beautiful flower was now encapsulated inside a seed pod.

So this morning with an overcast sky hinting of what we call June Gloom here in southern California, I decided to go out and further investigate this idea.



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