Memory pods – Snapseed


Untitled (Memory pod 02 May 2014) copyright 2014 Douglas Stockdale

I am continuing to work with the Snapseed app and my memory pod photographs. This is another interesting image for me that I developed yesterday, but I wonder about the composition and what draws me in? If the project is about memory pods as a metaphor, then why do I have that part of the plant out of focus?

After working on this image yesterday, I am a bit more reflective on its visual qualities today. Perhaps the memory pods are indistinct and difficult to visualize similar to the ability to see my memories? That the tanglement in the foreground is symbolic of my brain and the potential way synapses occur? And it all radiates out of a core, that of course being my soul, my inner-self and where experiences and memory stems from.

I’m feeling encouraged to investigate this further.



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