Memory pods – 01


Untitled (Memory pods #01 May 2014) copyright 2014 Douglas Stockdale.

This is my first visual experiment in my investigation using seed pods as a metaphor for memory and its preservation. Since I have completed over a dozen, I realized it is going to be increasingly difficult to keep track of each of these so I have decided to start numbering the series. Thus this is 01 and I returned to my earlier two posts and changed the untitled designations to 02 and 03. No significance being attributed to the numbers other than which ones I created in sequence. Numbers are in two digits as I am not sure if I will create more than 99 of these. Then again, perhaps I will create more. I certainty do not know, but no issues if I do. I feel it’s just the right time to follow my muse.

For this image, I was really taken by the visual ambiguity as to what the subject might actually be. After the last 10 years of making a factual appearing image, this abstraction takes me back to my days of non-representational painting. Interesting.

For me this might be representative of how I retain and preserve memories.


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