Gardening For Ordnance – Image/Text combinations

003 Driving Range 1008px

I am continuing to study and evaluate the combination of the photographs for my project Gardening For Ordnance, with the appropriated text from the various documents about this decommissioned military site. I find this to be an interesting process. Being a Charlie Brown guy, I bounce back and forth between making the relationship between the word and the created imagery resonate or appear disruptive. I am leaning into creating a bit more mystery in these relationships.

Case in point; for my juxtaposition in the diptych above, Bombing Range, I am pairing the transcribed words from the Unexploded Ordnance Brochure from the city about the history of Trabuco Bombing Range juxtaposed with a image of one of the five WWII bombing targets that is now a golf course Driving Range. Serendipitously the golf course ground crew apparently found another piece of bombing ordnance in the back of this driving range during the summer which had the sheriff and his posse out figuring what to do with it.  I am not sure if they brought in the military denotation team this time as they have in the past. sigh.

I actually really enjoy the word play of the Bombing Range diptych, thus a resonation, hopefully not too obvious, but a juxtaposition that I think is a keeper.

This still a work in progress; I am finding more documents about Trabuco Bombing Range and still making photographs using the appropriated word to explore alternatives. I have also added more of these diptychs to my web site; Gardening For Ordnance.

I also have the first draft of the book-dummy completed so I may have that in tote when I venture out to photo l.a. this weekend.


Featured photograph: Featured photograph, above: Bombing Range, Gardening For Ordnance, copyright 2019 Douglas Stockdale

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