Diary; July 21st 2020 – Low-Energy Day

03-08-20 KI6A4154v1

So for some reason today has started out as what I would call a Low-Energy Day. Just don’t feel inspired to really do anything at all, maybe just go back to bed. I think that the current events of the lurking dangers of COVID-19, the total lack of Federal government leadership in America to control this pandemic (led by a really screwed up president), and really not being able to get out to see family and friends is subtly taking an emotional toll, especially today. sigh.

So I thought I would try my 10-minute rule that I use when going out with the camera to see if it might be as applicable to working in the studio. I hope so.

First step after checking email; which of my recent organic abstractions photographs might be an image that would resonate with how I am feeling. Ya know, like giving someone the ‘thumbs-up’ that indicates you’r doing okay, but this would be showing an image instead.

This image above of a large blue-is object with some veins just could be my brain and it’s lack of function right now. I think we come to think of the color blue as a low-energy state thanks to Picasso. I had been looking for an image that did not include any highlights that would be an indication of sparkly energy, which I do not have at the moment. Nevertheless the small blue light objects in this image could be an indication of some life. Perhaps these small orbs could represent some brain function synapse that is firing off as a result from trying to get engaged in the first ten minutes in the studio, essentially while writing this. I hope so…a bit of hope.

I know that I have some day-job tasks to complete sometime today and perhaps getting those completed sooner than later might help with altering my attitude and put a little pep in my step. Or just a case of steady-as-he-goes, no astounding brilliance expected today, but not entirely in a funk. ‘Moving the ball’ forward and all of those peppy sayings that right now just are not doing anything for me.

So I will take it one small step at a time today and who knows what might result…perhaps something ‘mildly’ creative.

Cheers & stay safe,



My other exhibitions and workshops:

The Photographers Eye’s gallery exhibition, Living and Photographing in the Time of COVID-19group virtual exhibition that includes two of my diptychs from the series A Developing Crisis. This online exhibition is from May 8th through August 1st, 2020.

Medium Photo 2020 Workshop: Developing a Creative Book workshop that I will be leading, is now rescheduled for September 24 – 27th, 2020, a four-day extended weekend workshop in San Diego.


Featured artwork; Fresnel Coefficients 5613 #4154 (Quantum Elements), copyright 2020, Douglas Stockdale


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